The book expands on Huemer's early writing defending moral realism.. A defense of ethical intuitionism where (i) there are objective moral truths; (ii) we know these through an immediate, intellectual awareness, or "intuition"; and (iii) knowing them gives us reasons to act independent of our desires. That is: that there exist moral truths (i.e. The author rebuts the major objections to this theory and shows the difficulties in alternative theories of ethics.

Since different folks mean different things by this term, I should say that Huemer’s conception can be briefly summarized as the view that there are irreducibly normative or evaluative properties which things states of affairs, events, people, etc. Learn Ethical Intuitionism Huemer with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 83 different sets of Ethical Intuitionism Huemer flashcards on Quizlet.

ethical intuitionism is true), and that these intuitions are irreducible (i.e. Ethical Intuitionism Michael Huemer. Reception Reviews in academic publications. With impressive clarity and argumentative rigor, Huemer outlines the main positions in metaethical debates and shows why all but ethical intuitionism remain intact after scrutiny. The book was reviewed by David McNaughton of Florida State University on Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. Ethical Intuitionism is a 2005 book (hardcover release: 2005, paperback release: 2008) by University of Colorado philosophy professor Michael Huemer defending ethical intuitionism. Ethical Intuitionism: Michael Huemer defends the view called “Ethical Intuitionism.” This is basically the view that we can perceive moral truths via a faculty called “ethical intuition.” An ethical intuition is a way that things seem to be, morally.

ethical naturalism is false). Huemer argues for ethical intuitionism, the idea that ethical facts are just as real as facts about tables and zebras, but these ethical facts are not reducible to facts about the natural world. Michael Huemer’s book is a vigorous defense of ethical intuitionism. As Huemer puts it, ethical intuitionists argue that ethical facts have a different type of ontology. Huemer's prose is simple and lucid. moral realism is true), that we have an innate mechanism for perceiving or intuiting these truths (i.e.

For instance, if we see a child being stabbed, we have an intense internal reaction that what we are seeing is wrong.

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