I love his fiery temper– here, I imagine that someone (probably Newkirk) just insulted his cooking. nthng.wav (28K) … Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. posted by raster at 12:46 PM on November 15, 2005 .

He’s mainly concerned with spying and sabotage (and he’s also the best chef of the entire camp!). Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. I Hear Nothing I Know Nothing T-shirt Gift Sergeant Schultz Hogan's Heroes Tshirt HAVE FUN & BE PROUD: We have many great designs about funny quotes, hobbies, pets, professions. 3x05, hogan, hogans heroes, klink, from the war # 3x05 # hogan # hogans heroes # klink # from the war hogan, schultz, hogans heroes, from the war # hogan # schultz # hogans heroes # from the war tv, vintage, sleep, bed, 1960s. Last in the Hogan’s Heroes series (at least for now) is Corporal Louis LeBeau! See more ideas about Hogans heroes, Old tv shows, Classic tv. You or your friend will be proud when wear our awesome designed shirts that present your personality. Oct 19, 2014 - Explore ajkdolphin's board "hogan's heroes" on Pinterest.

... Hogan's Heroes I Know Nothing Tee. 60s # tv # vintage # sleep # bed # 1960s. like terapin, i also think it was Colonel Klink in "Hogan's Heroes" where Klink's "very interesting" might have come from never occured to me to question, maybe someone else knows posted …

... More Like Hogan's Heroes meme by The-French-Belphegor. Hogan's Heroes (1965) - S01E02 War - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote.

Hogan's Heros price at: amazon All wavs on this page were sampled at (8 bit mono 11Khz) and all mp3s on this page were sampled at (80kbs 44Khz).

John Banner (born Johann Banner, 28 January 1910 – 28 January 1973) was an Austrian-born American film and television actor.He is best known for his role as Sergeant Schultz in the situation comedy 60s I KNOW NOTHING! Get your humor mode on with our funny shirts. The show is now better recognized than the serious movies it was making fun of, which is why there are modern viewers who wonder why anyone thought the subject matter was funny in the first place. "Weird Al" Effect: Hogan's Heroes is a parody of WWII POW films like Stalag 17, The Great Escape, and The Bridge on the River Kwai.

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