Italian-built, Argus was formerly the container ship MV Contender Bezant. HMS Argus (I49/R01) was a British aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy from 1918 to 1944. RFA Argus is a Primary Casualty Receiving Ship of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

British aircraft carrier HMS Argus (I49) off the coast of North Africa in late 1942. In 1991, during the Gulf War, she was fitted with an extensive and fully functional hospital to assume the additional role of Primary Casu Existing carriers could launch wheeled aircraft, but had no way to recover them. In 1912, the ship builder William Beardmore had proposed to the Admiralty an aircraft carrier design with a continuous, full-length flight deck, but it was not accepted.

HMS Argus was a British air­craft car­rier that served in the Royal Navy from 1918 to 1944.

RFA Argus is a ship of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary operated by the Ministry of Defence under the Blue Ensign.

HMS Argus was a Battleship in service with the United Kingdoms Royal Navy, that saw action in the Mediterranean during the European Commonwealth-Middle East War, and would later be sent to protect the English Channel amid fears that a desperate France might attack via the channel. HMS Argus was a Royal Navy ship built in 1904 for the His Majesty's Coast Guard. The ship was requisitioned in 1982 for service in the Falklands War and purchased outright in 1984 for a four-year conversion to an Aviation Training Ship, replacing RFA Engadine. Argus had her genesis in the Admiralty's desire during the First World War for an aircraft carrier that could fly off wheeled aircraft and land them aboard. With a 100-bed medical complex on board, she acts as a floating medical facility during times of crisis or war. HMS Argus was a British aircraft carrier that served in the Royal Navy from 1918 to 1944.
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