Many remember actor and comedian Harry Anderson as Judge Harry T. Stone on the sitcom Night Court, which ran from 1984 to 1992.Today, fans mourn the death of Harry Anderson, who died … Actor Harry Anderson, best known for his portrayal of Judge Harry Stone in the hit sitcom "Night Court," has died at his North Carolina home, police said.He was … Harry Anderson, the actor, comedian and magician best known for playing Judge Harry Stone on the sitcom Night Court, died Monday at his home in … The actor starred in Night Court , the sitcom Cheers and Saturday Night Live.
The actor Harry Anderson died aged 65 at his North Carolina home on Monday April 16. Best known for his role in Night Court and the original It, Anderson was 65.. Genre fans will remember Anderson as Richie Tozier in the original 1990 TV miniseries for Stephen King's It.Richie, always a joker, was played by Seth Green as a child, with Anderson stepping as the fully-grown character, a late-night television comedian and host. Anderson, 65, was found in his Asheville home Monday morning. Actor and magician Harry Anderson has died.

Authorities said, Monday, April 16, 2018, that actor Harry Anderson of "Night Court" comedy series fame died in North Carolina. “Night Court” star Harry Anderson died of a stroke. "Night Court" star Harry Anderson died of a stroke he apparently suffered in the night, which might've been triggered by the flu and a specific type of heart disease. The Buncombe, N.C., medical examiner determined the actor’s immediate cause of death to … Richard Drew / AP Anderson … "Night Court" star Harry Anderson was non-responsive when his wife called an ambulance, according to 911 audio first published by TMZ. Harry Anderson, the magician-turned-comic-turned-actor best known for playing a lightly disguised version of himself as a judge on the TV sitcom "Night Court," was …
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