Soil carbon, or soil organic carbon as it is more accurately known, is the carbon stored within soil; Carbon makes up approximately 60% of the soil organic matter (SOM), with the remaining 40% of SOM containing other important elements such as calcium, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen; SOM is commonly, but incorrectly used interchangeably with SOC The term SOM is used to describe the organic constituents in soil in various stages of decomposition such as tissues from dead plants and animals, materials less than 2mm in size, and soil organisms. A recent review of yield and soil organic matter indicated that soil organic matter content can influence crop yield, but only to a point. Organic material in the soil is essentially derived from residual plant and animal material, synthesised by microbes and decomposed under the influence of temperature, moisture and ambient soil conditions. ... or rendered stable. Fertilization is an important factor influencing the chemical structure of soil organic carbon (SOC) and soil microbial communities; however, whether any connection exists between the two under different fertilization regimes remains unclear. As the largest pool of terrestrial organic carbon, soils interact strongly with atmospheric composition, climate, and land cover change. Straw return is a popular management strategy to improve soil organic carbon (SOC) and change soil microbial community structure in agro-ecosystems. Cover cropping conventional soils, while increasing carbon in the surface 12 inches, can actually lose significant amounts of carbon below that depth. Soil Organic Carbon as a Component of Soil Organic Matter. When both compost and cover-crops were added in the organic-certified system, soil carbon content increased 12.6 percent over the length of the study, or about 0.07 percent annually. Studies of the decomposition, transformation and stabilization of soil organic matter (SOM) have dramatically increased in recent years owing to growing interest in studying the global carbon … It is the fuel that the soil needs to grow plants. SOM turnover plays a crucial role in soil ecosystem functioning and global warming. In addition to converting total organic carbon (%) to a tonne per hectare basis, it is important to account for gravel content in the soil. The importance of soil carbon — how it is leached from the earth and how that process can be reversed — is the subject of intensifying scientific investigation, with important implications for the effort to slow the rapid rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Soil organic carbon, the major component of soil organic matter, is extremely important in all soil processes. Carbon is the energy that feeds the soil engine. Call Now 800-608-3755. In corn and wheat production systems, yields increased as soil organic carbon increased, but those benefits diminished after the organic carbon content exceeded 3.45% organic … THE IMPORTANCE OF SOIL CARBON. Carbon is what makes the soil alive with energy.

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