Considered the “eighth wonder of the world” by many, the Amber Room was an intricately constructed golden-hued masterpiece of contemporary artistry. Although the Amber Room was on display for the following two years, the war not going well for the Germans, and the museum’s director, Alfred Rohde, was advised to dismantle the room and crate it away. The centre square of Kaliningrad resides on the site of the castle, which despite its name, actually lies to the southeast of the town centre. The room was reinstalled in Königsberg's castle museum on the Baltic Coast. Adjacent to the centre square on the filled-in moat is the "House of Soviets" , which in 1960 was intended to be the central administration building. The fire at the Königsberg Castle destroyed the room during the bombing. Since then it has disappeared without a … The eastern side of Königsberg Castle in 1910.

Many curators believe that the Amber Room was destroyed along with the palace.
The Amber Room, one of the prized possessions of the Russian Tsars, was a 180-square-foot chamber built out of amber walls, adorned with beautiful carvings as well as gold and precious gems. Installed in the castle museum of the city of Königsberg on the Baltic coast, it now rested in the very heartland of amber connoisseurship. There, it was reinstalled in Königsberg’s castle museum. There is strong evidence against the destruction of the Amber Room in Königsberg.

Wikipedia, public domain. In April 1945, Konigsberg was bombed by the Allies.

Witnesses and Experts.

Stalin hid the original room and built a replica that the bamboozled Germans stole.

The museum's director, Alfred Rohde, was an …

This is the last photo, which was taken from a unique art historical sight in 1942, the world-famous Amber Room in the castle of Koenigsberg, East Prussia, now Kaliningrad.

However, the hunt for the original continues. He wrote a diary where it says that the Amber Room had been removed and packed after a fire in the castle in February 1944. Continuation of development was stopped in the 1980s as the massive building gradually sank into the structurally unsound soil stemming from the collapse of tunnels in the old castle's subterranean …

Königsberg was first heavily fire bombed by the Royal Air Force in August 1944, then it was captured by the Red Army on April 9, 1945, with heavy fighting and artillery fire taking place in the days before. Theory 3: The Amber Room was destroyed.

Amber Room hidden in bunker in Koenigsberg? Königsberg Castle, 1925.Source. Today Kaliningrad is still part of Russia. He died there in December 1945, 14 days before his wife. The room was first commissioned by Frederick I of Prussia in 1701 at the urging of his new wife.

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