Make sure to have completed step 1 before doing so.

Kong’s plugin environment: allows interaction with the datastore holding your configurations (APIs, Consumers, Plugins…) and various helpers allowing the interaction of plugins between each other. Uses Docker to bring up a Casandra, Kong and sets up Nodemon to watch for changes to kong.yml and any plugins. Kong: Plugin Development Guide; Kong: Development; Kong: Test Suite; Kong: Configuration; Luarocks: Kong search; Luarocks: Best Practices for Makefiles; Luarocks: Creating a rock; Notes. Benefits of Custom Plugin Development for Kong Enterprise The primary benefit clients of ours derive from custom plugin development is in establishing a direct route to attain an IT function or capability where the route would’ve otherwise required manual effort and been error-prone. Since then, Kong has made lots of modifications. A Docker environment for iterating quickly when developing Kong plugins. Finally, we invite developers to use the Plugin Development Guide to create new plugins that extend the capabilities of the Kong platform. The Plugin Developer Handbook covers a variety of topics — everything from what should be in the plugin header, to security best practices, to tools you can use to build your plugin. I was very interested in one of them which is we will be able to develop Go plugins on Kong. On top of this Kong plugin article, it may be wise to have a look at their new documentation.. You can also check our other article Streaming Kong API Endpoint Activity. I built a plugin to test and as soon as possible I’m writing this blog post eventually. To remove the plugin thoroughly, delete the plugin-related files from each of the Kong nodes. What is Kong? This blog post was written with Kong version 0.4.2-xxx. Kong 1.0 GA also brings a focus to implementing a "service mesh", mutual TLS, gRPC traffic support, a new migrations frameworks to ease datastore schema migration, and a plugin development kit (PDK). The PDK is a set of Lua functions that a plugin can use to facilitate interactions between plugins and the core (or other components) of … Check out the development section of the default configuration file for properties to tweak in order to ease the development process for Kong. It’s also a work in progress — if you find something missing or incomplete, please notify the documentation team in slack and we’ll make it better together. Custom Plugin Development. Lua, Kong + livereload. Plugins consist of Lua modules interacting with the request/response objects (among other things) via the Plugin Development Kit (or “PDK”) to implement arbitrary logic.
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