Maximum temperature yesterday: 81 °F (at 3:00 pm) Minimum temperature yesterday: 54 °F (at 3:00 am) Average temperature yesterday: 69 °F. During Siberian winters, the temperature can reach lows of –94°F (–70°C). On the north coast, north of the Arctic Circle, there is … Siberia is associated with harshly cold temperatures, but the weather isn't cold year-round.

At these temperatures, a human being is likely to freeze in a few minutes, if not properly covered, while …

This area is the "Pole of Cold" of the Northern Hemisphere, in fact, it's colder than the North Pole, and it's surpassed only by the central area of Antarctica. Past Weather in Siberia — Graph °F. In the warmest summer month of July the temperature is +15 to +35 degrees Celsius (59…95 degrees Fahrenheit). However, summers are warm across Siberia, with some parts of Western Siberia reaching highs of 95°F (35°C). In the past decades, when the climate was colder, in this area of eastern Siberia, the average temperature in January was below -50 °C (-58 °F). Vegetation in Siberia is mostly taiga, with a tundra belt on the northern fringe, and a temperate forest zone in the south. 78 °F: 7 mph ↑ 32%: 1%-5 (Moderate) 2:31 am: 10:15 pm: Fri Jun 26: 83 / 52 °F: More sun than clouds. More sun than clouds. See Hour-by-hour Forecast for upcoming weather.

Last 2 weeks of weather The highest recorded summer temperature was +38.4 degrees Celsius / 101 degrees Fahrenheit, and the lowest winter temperature was -64.4 degrees Celsius / -84 degrees Fahrenheit. Weather Feels Like Wind Humidity Chance Amount UV Sunrise Sunset; Thu Jun 25: 79 / 52 °F: Mostly sunny. The climate of Siberia varies dramatically, but it typically has short summers and long, brutally cold winters. See weather overview. 80 °F: 6 mph ↑ 26%: 2%-3 (Moderate) 2:32 am: 10:14 pm: Sat Jun 27: 83 / 55 °F: Showers late.

This weather is due to the continental climate of the area, characterized by cold winters and warm summers.

Siberia Extended Forecast with high and low temperatures. Siberia is divided into two parts that have different climates. Western Siberia (from the mountains of the Urals to the Yenisey River) has a continental climate. Based on weather reports collected during 1985–2015. Siberia tends to experience large swings in temperature month-to-month and year-to-year, according to the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), a … That means that the differential between the extreme summer and winter temperatures in Yakutsk, Siberia is … 102.8 degrees Celsius / 185 degrees Fahrenheit!

Bratsk / Irkutsk is 259 miles from Siberia, so the actual climate in Siberia can vary a bit. The coldest month is January, with the temperatures of -15 to -40 degrees Celsius (5…-40 degrees Fahrenheit). Annual Weather Averages in Bratsk / Irkutsk. Siberia Temperature Yesterday.


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