The BBC1 documentary showed distressing footage which saw two baby painted wolves being mauled to death. This is Tait at 10.5 years old. Emotional: Last night's installment of the pioneering BBC One documentary followed a painted wolf named Tait, matriarch of one of the last great families of the endangered animal 4 / 23 5 / 23 Family loyalties are at the heart of her dynasty.

Show more This episode features a painted wolf named Tait… 2. It is a time of celebration. A young boy fell into an African painted dog [African wild dog or painted wolf] exhibit at a Pittsburgh zoo and was mauled to death by the wild animals, zoo officials said. In the brutal fight for survival in rural Zimbabwe, two of her daughter’s young were brutally killed off in separate scenes that left one viewer a ‘blubbering wreck’. Tait is a painted wolf, matriarch of one of the last great families of this endangered animal. Normally, leaders are ousted and replaced by their challenger, but this particular pack’s matriarch, Tait, had died unexpectedly. A painted wolf matriarch's feud with her daughter threatens to bring the dynasty down.

Here is an account of her final days as the alpha female by photographer Nicholas Dyer. ... Tait at 10.5 years old, ... “A big male can weigh twice what a painted wolf weighs. Last night’s installment of the groundbreaking BBC One documentary followed a painted wolf named Tait, matriarch of one of the last great families of the endangered animal. Dogs or wolves, painted or wild. Tait was a very successful alpha female who reared eight litters of pups. What’s in a name? The pack of painted wolves had been left without a leader, which is unusual. In the BBC’s Dynasties documentary we meet an incredible painted wolf: Tait. BBC Dynasties: feuds, death and a fight to survive in painted wolves episode. Death of Tait: The end of a legend. Also known as the Painted hunting dog, painted wolf and African painted dog, it is a native to sub-Saharan Africa. Several months after Tait’s death, the wolves started to pair up into male/female couples and began to howl together in a duet. Last night's Dynasties show followed a painted wolf named Tait … As matriarch Tait introduces her eighth litter to the 20-strong wolf pack, excited yelps fill the air.

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