The features and capabilities of of the WeChat Official Account Platform depend on what type of account you register. How to Use WeChat Enterprise Accounts to Improve Productivity. Account owners and admins can manage features and settings through Account Settings. WeChat enterprise account. Your Official Account (OA) is either Chinese or international; service, subscription or enterprise; verified or unverified. IT Admins can also manage features with mass deployment and configuration options on Windows or Mac. WeChat Work is a powerful app that can solve pain points many WeChat users suffer from, by providing enterprise-level management and collaboration tools. The most exciting feature is that WeChat Work and WeChat are now tightly connected. Last modified: 2018-03-21 User Auto Provisioning automates the process of adding users to an Enterprise account in Smartsheet. Enable user auto provisioning. This information is aimed at those running official accounts for businesses and brands. The user can ignore the invitation and stay on his/her own account, unless managed domain is being used and this user's email is under one of your managed domains. For B2B marketing, a service account is the best choice. It has added a range of business-oriented features onto the app over the years, effectively making WeChat the go-to corporate communication tool blurring the lines between work and life. Corporate accounts have high visibility and high security as users have to follow the account and then be added manually by the account owner entering their name, phone number and WeChat ID. WeChat Wiki - understand and leverage WeChat for businesses It can be fully integrated with your WeChat official account and effectively establish the connection between your business and your clients while offering advanced features all in one platform.

Enterprise or Company accounts To gain a deeper understanding of these accounts (including their key features and functions), you can visit our blog post: WeChat Accounts and WeChat Marketing 101 . As of December 2017, 1.5 million businesses in China were using WeChat enterprise accounts, with 30 million users subscribed to these accounts. Rather than manually inviting users through the User Management screen, enable this capability to automatically add users to your account if they sign up for Smartsheet with an email address owned by your organization. Below is a very detailed presentation covering the key technical features of WeChat’s official accounts platform. If you use WeChat or the services or features for any commercial or business purpose we will have no liability to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity. ... best to access to advanced Official Account feature; WeChat Work comes with several features that have been specifically designed to improve the productivity of a company.

We only supply WeChat and the services or features accessible via WeChat for domestic and private use. Businesses frequently ask us what type of OA to register and whether or not they need to verify. Just consider some of the features that can help you streamline your business operations. The latest updates mean your company can: Post to your customers’ WeChat Moments feed from WeChat Work; Send targeted broadcast messages from employees’ WeChat Work accounts to … Enterprise accounts, that are sometimes called corporate, are designed for internal company use such as sharing memos, private group chat or as a simple project and task management system. The presentation was prepared by our friends in Shanghai 31Ten.. Nice job guys in putting together this very geeky and informative summary of WeChat developer info.

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